Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mystery Project

I've been cleaning my room and organizing my stash of yarn the past few days and found a mysterious bag from Joanns filled with fabric and notations I remember purchasing but I don't remember for what project.

The contents suggest to me that the fabric might have been lining material or accent fabrics for a pencil/supplies case (and possibly a purse) that I wanted to make with some fabric that I purchased in Hawaii, but the color choices don't make sense to me. I also don't know why I got piping.

Finding forgotten project supplies is not as fun as finding forgotten money...

Anyways... I leave to go to Japan tomorrow for a week. My mom got a tiny netbook recently so I can hopefully use it to e-mail, do the facebook thing, and maybe post something here, chronicling my travels as they happen. I'm really excited for the trip, minus the 14 hours of travel time there and back. I also wish I had spent more time brushing up on my Japanese.

It's late for how early I have to get in the morning so BEDTIME!


  1. "Finding forgotten project supplies is not as fun as finding forgotten money."


    have fun in japan,
    you lucky, lucky girl.

    and omg, maybe you can buy tons of those awesome mystery miniature things that we got at that japanese market!

  2. i tagged you in my latest blog entry! it's an "i think you're an awesome girl" blog award or something, and you're supposed to write 10 random facts about yourself. you don't have to do it if you don't want to lol. <3


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