Monday, September 21, 2009

Rainbow Cupcakes

I was inspired by Erica's version of Rainbow Cupcakes over at Sweets and Hearts and on Friday night did some for myself. They turned out so cute and REALLY delicious. I didn't really use a recipe, just a box of Pillsbury Funfetti® Cake mix. It was the only white cake mix in the house, I didn't want to make something from scratch and I thought little blobs of color in rainbow cupcakes would be fun. I mixed the cake mix pretty much like normal; the only difference was that I undermixed it a little bit in the mixer because I would be stirring it more to add the coloring. After that I just divided the cake mix more or less evenly among more or less equally sized bowls and added in the food coloring. I think I'm also going to make the batter a little thinner next time so the layers spread out more evenly.

Red through Purple

The purple didn't turn out great and I think next time I'll just omitt it.

You can see the Funfetti® speckles really well in this picture


Blurry, but a good look at the colors

I frosted them with canned vanilla frosting and added some Rainbow sprinkles on top.

I don't know why but these tasted AMAZING! Maybe it was because I hadn't had white cake in so long.

It's officially declared to be the time of the year for pumpkin pie, so once there's room in the refridgerator, that's what I'll be baking up next; I already found a recipe I like in Better Homes and Gardens' New Cookbook. I also found a recipe for apple dumplings so that's next after pie and after I figure out a way to core apples with out an apple corer. If you've never had an apple dumpling I highly recommend them. I had some at Folk Life and they were amazing! Big apple wrapped up in pastry baked with sugar and served with ice cream? YUM!


  1. omg, FUNFETTI RAINBOW CUPCAKES!!! now why didn't i think of that??

    yeah, purple dye always turns out funny whenever i try to use it. :( i made cupcakes for my mom earlier and tried to make the icing purple and it came out...weird looking.

    lol, when you're in a foreign country/on vacation it's easy to spend a lot of money, huh? i'm sure it was totally worth it though. i mean, how often can you go to japan, right? you need those cute miniature things!


  2. i love ur rainbow cake! it looks veryy cute and yummy.=)


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