Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lava Cakes

I made chocolate lava cakes tonight for dinner/dessert, using this recipe. It looked pretty easy and straightforward and I liked that it used semi-sweet chocolate chips (which we still have an abundance of from the days of cookies-from-scratch). The only dry ingredients includes lots a sugar, some flour and a pinch of salt. It took about 30-40 minutes for prep and cooking time. If I knew the recipe better, it probably would have taken less time. I also realized in the process of cooking the cakes that my death-by-fat food of choice would have to be butter rolled in chocolate chips...


Unfortunately, I cooked them a little too long (14 minutes total, as opposed to the recommended 10-11) in my paranoid-ness. They had doughy not gooey centers, but still tasted delicious and still looked good. I ate two and beached myself on the couch to watch TV afterward.

The Studio space above the garage is finally in a mostly finished state, so I can get to work! Tomorrow is my day to really get started. I was thinking about making chocolate cupcakes from scratch, but it'll depend on how much I get done in the day. I'll post pictures of the space once I get the new futon in there.

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  1. umm...these look abso-freaking-lutely AMAZING!!! i wish you could send me some. god. i'm practically drooling (err...perhaps it's my fault for reading your dang blog when my stomach is growling. i'll eat in a bit. promise).

    i don't know about the mystery swap thing. i mean, it was the other girl's idea. i'm not sure if she made it up or if people do that often or what? lol.

    the fires aren't too close. the skies were this awful dirty color, and there was some ash in burbank, but it wasn't so bad. i think the fires are mostly contained now so that's good.

    oooo yay! i'm so happy you might be coming in december. we can GO TO DISNEYLAND. ahaha.

    i hate school. i'm over it. maybe i don't exactly hate it. i just want to get it over with. how's the studio space coming?? is it everything you've dreamed about? :D



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