Friday, September 18, 2009


The studio is finally finished enough that I can really get to work. There's still no plumbing and the bathroom isn't really anywhere near finished, but I've moved in a bunch of my stuff and got started on portfolio things.

We started the whole project at the beginning of the summer, but had to stop construction for a couple of family vacations (and dog emergencies). Here are some highlights from construction.

Future bathroom

That one wall for the bathroom was the only wall that we constructed the traditional way. Everything else was toenailed in.

I look like a serial murderer hiding bodies in the insulation.

Desk/watercolor area

Making changes to old painting

The solitary chair will soon be replaced by a futon

Seriously, bathroom, soon

The irony is that with all this finished, I've been working on a drawing in our house in the family room for the past few days.

I also I love my cute little dogs!

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  1. WOW! it's a complete change from the state it was in before (and yes, you do look a little serial-killery with the mask. hehe. except, serial killers are usually basement dwellers, right? attics are for the "starving artist" types). just rambling.

    it looks great!! so pretty. i'm jealous. it's good enough to be on hgtv (really!).


    p.s. i love your dogs.


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