Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Beatles Rock Band

So I've been playing The Beatles Rock Band with my little brother all day and I have to say it's pretty awesome. There's not nearly as many songs as other Rock Bands or Guitar Heroes and you can actually "finish" the game in a few hours. And by finish, I mean play through all of the songs and get at least three stars. After that, though, there are still other goals to attain, such as getting 5 stars on all the songs, unlocking videos and photos and playing through each location's song as a continuous set. I also loved that "Star Power" is called "Beatles Mania". There's actually a setting too where you can set the audience to sound freaked out and scream realistically. The band members even "age" as you progress through the albums. Playing through the game to the end made me sad though, because the end of the game means they broke up.

The cut scenes from the game are my favorite aspect of the game. When you finish all the songs from one level and ascend to the next, there's a fun music video-type cut scene featuring a song from the next level. The intro and the outro movies are probably the two best (and longest).

Here's the link to the Intro at YouTube

I played the drums most of the day and got in touch with "my inner Ringo". At one point when my mom asked us to sign off to help paint the deck and I called back "You're breaking up the band, Yoko!"

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  1. my sister just got it this week and we've been playing it too! haha, we even got my dad to join (vocals, of course, as the electronic "instruments" are a bit too difficult for him to understand).

    we haven't beat the game yet, but it's a matter of time!



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